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Faulkner University’s online Master of Education in Elementary Education Class A Certification allows you to pursue a valuable academic credential with the flexibility you need.

New students are accepted into Faulkner University’s online M.Ed. Elementary Education Class A Certification program every 5 weeks. Students will take one class at a time. Students are required to take the following 9 courses for a total of 27 credits.

*The College of Education welcomes transfer students from other regionally accredited institutions. No more than six (6) hours may be transferred from another university and accepted toward a Master of Education degree. All professional transfer courses are subject to approval by the ALSDE. A student must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours through Faulkner University.


FED 6301 Philosophy, Ethics, and Character Building (3 credit hours)
The course looks at the American education system from historical, sociological, and philosophical points of view. It emphasizes the study of problems in schools and society requiring educational adjustments.

FED 6322 Curriculum Design and Instructional Methods (3 credit hours)
This course explores the systematic application of instructional design methods within a broad range of learning environments. Includes practical experience in selecting appropriate modes of instruction based on clearly defined objectives.

FED 6342 Multicultural Education (3 credit hours)
Students are engaged in considering critical issues, developing a deeper understanding of themselves as cultural beings, and acquisition of a deep knowledge base and skills in multicultural education. Provides key information and strategies on how culture affects learning.

FED 6345 Differentiated Instruction and Diverse Learners (3 credit hours)
Designed to help educators develop an understanding of principles and practices related to effectively addressing academic diversity in contemporary classrooms.

EED 6380 Educational Research (3 credit hours)
This course provides an overview of the effects of research on human development, learning, and pedagogical knowledge and skills. The topics covered include current trends and issues in education, data collection, assessment of data, and the application of research in the classroom.

EED 6326 Reading Skills and Comprehension (3 credit hours)
This course is focused on evaluating student needs in the field of reading, formal and informal reading assessment instruments, and required reading skills for content areas. It is based on current trends and techniques.

EED 6332 Teaching Elementary Language Arts (3 credit hours)
This course is designed to increase the knowledge of experienced teachers in language arts at the elementary level.

EED 6336 Elementary Pedagogy for Social Studies (3 credit hours)
This course involves a critical study of current trends in elementary social studies, focusing on instructional modes and relating coursework back to the learners’ own social environment.

EED 6341 Teaching of Elementary Mathematics (3 credit hours)
This course is based on the current research regarding the methods and materials of teaching elementary school math. It focuses on the theory related to the development of mathematical skills and concepts.

EED 6368 Teaching of Elementary Science (3 credit hours)
This course covers the methods and materials for teaching elementary level science.

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